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Bespoke Doors




Need a Bespoke Door Made?

We, at the Posh Door Company, totally understand that not all homes are the same and that each door will need to fit, whatever space you have, perfectly!

We hope you have enjoyed browsing through our fantastic range of doors and we hope even more that you have discovered your perfect door, for your home requirements, with us!

If, however, you have discovered your ideal door but are disappointed because your size requirements aren’t listed, then don’t be disheartened! We have a great variety of bespoke, made to measure options that will enable you to get the door you’ve been looking for, in the size you need, to look absolutely beautiful.

Why settle for second best? With us, here at The Posh Door Company, you really don’t have to. We truly do have everything covered, to turn your house into a home!

If you love the thought of a bespoke door, for your home, then please do not hesitate to fill in the enquiry form and we can get back to you.

Or, why not give us a call or email us? We’d love to help you choose the door of your dreams that will be bespoke and unique to you and your home. We can then tell you whether or not the door you have chosen can be made to measure or not.

More and more doors are being added to our bespoke options every day and we are certain we can create your bespoke door for you and provide you with a stunning door that you’ll love showing off to friends and family!

We are always here to help you, so get in touch with us, in any way that you can.

Once you are happy and have decided on your choice of bespoke door, one of our friendly team, here at The Posh Door Company, will get in touch with you!

They will double check all the details, making sure everything is correct and will provide you with all the information, you’ll be needing.

We will then provide all this information to our supplier who will then provide us with a price of manufacturing your beautiful new door and also an estimated time for delivery. Once all of this has been confirmed, we will get back in touch with you, with all the details for you to think about and decide whether or not to push ahead, with your stunning new bespoke door.

Once you have confirmed your order with us, at The Posh Door Company, we will get back to the supplier with your exact measurements and we will confirm your order with them.

Next, they will go on to create CAD drawings. These are known as computer aided design. We will send these to you, for you to look at and to give approval over.

These CAD drawings are your opportunity to make sure you are going to be getting exactly what you want and to ensure your exact specifications are met. The entire process will only take a few days to complete, so you can look forward to receiving your new bespoke doors, in no time at all!

As soon as you have given your approval to the CAD drawings, we will push on, and confirm this with the supplier. They will then begin to create your beautiful new bespoke doors that will be unique to you and your home.

Each and every door, will be expertly created, to meet your exact requirements, using FSC or PEFC Certified timber. This means that the timber that’s used to manufacture your doors are from environmentally friendly and sustainable forests!

Once you receive your new doors you can look forward to knowing that you will not have to carry out any alterations at all, when it comes to the structure of your new door. It will all be perfect and will fit your home, beautifully.

As soon as your new door is ready for delivery, you can be rest assured, we’ll be in touch with you. We know you’re excited and we will deliver, as quickly as we can!

It usually takes around 10 -14 weeks from the choosing of your new door, to the delivery of it. But this is the absolute maximum time. Some doors arrive sooner than others!

We can arrange a time that suits your schedule perfectly, so there are no major disturbances to family life. Each and every door will be carefully packaged with added protection, ensuring your new door, arrives safe and sound, to its new home!

Bespoke doors are absolutely beautiful and are the ideal way to show off your unique home in style. And with us, you can look forward to a smooth process, from the choosing of your bespoke door, to having it delivered. With us, you’re in the safest of hands!

Ordering bespoke doors takes roughly 10-14 weeks from the initial enquiry to delivery of the product. This is a guideline and in some cases doors maybe available quicker. We recommend that Initial enquiries for bespoke doors be made in advance of any project deadlines to ensure if there are any unforeseen delays, these can be accounted for. 

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us, for further information, here at The Posh Door Company. We know you’re going to love our choice of bespoke doors and what a great way to enjoy the individuality of your home.

We’re a friendly team here (honest) and we are always available to help and advise you.

We’d love to hear from you!

All the team at The Posh Door Company

Get in Touch About Your Bespoke Doors Today!